First Visit

Boy smilingWe are always excited about meeting new patients during their first visit to our office. During this time, we will help you get acquainted with our office and learn about your orthodontic treatment. We understand that each patient's orthodontic treatment is different, and we promise to give you the personal attention you deserve.

The first visit is simply an assessment and discussion of your orthodontic needs. Drs. Jarosz or Valente will perform a thorough examination of the face, jaw bones and teeth. If the patient is ready to start treatment, a fee schedule and plan for appointments will be provided, and all the questions will be addressed. If the patient is not ready, we will schedule appointments for continued observation.

If treatment is indicated, orthodontic records are obtained. These usually include digital X-rays, photographs of the teeth and face, and models of the teeth. The models will be mounted on a precise instrument called an articulator to simulate the movement and closure of the jaw. Also, advanced computer technology is used to analyze the patient’s unique facial type and tooth-to-jaw relationship. These diagnostic records enable us to confirm and develop the appropriate treatment plan to correct the patient’s individual problem.

Next, we will meet to discuss our diagnosis of the problem and the individualized, detailed treatment plan which has been developed for the patient. We encourage questions from both the patient and the parent, and as such, we provide ample time to answer your questions.

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